The Best Broward Health CEO contract politics can buy!

There is little doubt that Dr. Nabil El Sanadi is as ambitious as any Wall Street wolf.  Taking the political route for career advancement,  Dr. Nabil El Sanadi and his wife Lori contributed tens of thousands of dollars to secure his very lucrative political appointments, including “Medical Director” to Broward Sheriff’s Office, the City of Sunrise, the City of Tamarac, and the City of Fort Lauderdale and his appointment to and Chair of the Florida Medical Board.

For firefighters/EMS units to perform specific medical protocols as non-physicians, the department needs to have a certifying physician, a.k.a. “Medical Director,” under contract.  Both the contract time requirements and demands for the Physician are limited, so these very profitable contracts are highly competitive and politically charged.

These contracts pay Dr. El Sanadi an estimated $300,000.00 in additional taxpayer funds while receiving his $675,000.00 (plus benefits) Broward Health “full-time” CEO pay.  It is noteworthy that Broward Health Board Chair David Di Pietro’s wife is currently under consideration for a gubernatorial judicial appointment in Broward was also previously appointed to the Florida Medical Board in September 2012.  She served closely with Dr. El Sanadi before his CEO appointment.  This reputed close relationship between the Di Pietro’s and El Sanadi continues through today. Recall that David Di Pietro is the alleged puppeteer behind El Sanadi’s CEO appointment and Governor Scott’s political fundraiser.

Coincidence? Based on public political contribution records, here’s how generous Dr. El Sanadi has been to his republican benefactors:

More detailed contribution report:  But Dr. El Sanadi is not only an “emergency medicine” physician, he is al

so somewhat of a business conglomerate.  Before becoming Broward Health’s CEO, he and his wife either jointly or severally own and control several businesses including (according to SunBiz – Shhhh…. It’s a secret. :

  •  South Florida Fire Rescue Medical Directors’ Association, LLC
  • N & L Services, Inc.
  • Total EMS, Inc.
  • El Sanadi Holdings, LLC
  • Green Harbor Company

People believe that David Di Pietro forced the resignation of Frank Nask, Broward Health’s previous CEO, packed the Board with political appointees through his fundraising relationship with the Governor to allow a sham CEO search process and guarantee El Sanadi‘s appointment as CEO.

What is unknown is the extent that Governor Scott played in El Sanadi’s selection as CEO, and if so, what if anything offered a quid pro quo. What is curious is that the Governor’s script to replace the state director of corrections in 2014 drew so much public fire. The script Di Pietro used to appoint El Sanadi is remarkably similar.  See the Sun-Sentinel Editorial here. (“just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean you are wrong!”) This story continues with the contract negotiation between Broward Health and Dr. El Sanadi.  The negotiation responsibility fell to Di Pietro’s Board confidant and fellow political appointment David Nieland, or as he is affectionately called “Country.”   You will recall that David Nieland was the Homeland investigator who implicated the Obama White House intern in the Secret Service prostitute scandal, thereby becoming a darling of the Republican Party.   Allegedly, Nieland was also later implicated in his prostitute scandal right here in Broward when he became entangled in a BSO sting operation as a “John.”  Reportedly, Nieland said he was “undercover” in an “investigation,” but that later turned out not to be accurate. Someone had the matter quietly dropped, perhaps through the efforts of political insiders. Mayo: Should hospital commissioner step down after prostitution reports?Washington Post: Investigator of Secret Service prostitution scandal also linked to prostitutionNY Post: Investigator for Secret Service hooker scandal quits after paying for sex The Nieland Broward Health contract with Dr. El Sanadi can be found here) The contract between Broward Health and Dr. Nabil El Sanadi makes El Sanadi a public official, and his duties as CEO creates a fiduciary responsibility to the public.  The same State ethics, financial reporting, and other state requirements common to all public officials in Florida bind El Sanadi.

Following are some notable excerpts of his contract about which we should all be concerned:

Salary  “4.1 In consideration for his service as President/CEO the DISTRICT agrees to pay El Sanadi a salary of Six Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand and 00100 Dollars $67500000 per annum or such higher figure as shall be determined by the Board of Commissioners at an annual review of his compensation and performance by the Board as provided in Article 5 or at such other times as determined by the Board of Commissioners.”

Full-Time: (Summary:  El Sanadi gets $675,000.00 for full time as CEO, and also seemingly works for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the City of Sunrise, the City of Tamarac, and the City of Fort Lauderdale as Medical Director , making an unknown amount of money in competition to Broward Health and as a physician – with some unknown amount of the ‘outside’ income to be voluntarily paid to the Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center. Talk about triple dipping potential on the taxpayers!)

“6.1 El Sanadi will render full-time professional services to the DISTRICT in the capacity of President/Chief Executive Officer of the DISTRICT and any of its subsidiaries. He will at all times faithfully industriously and to tie best of his ability perform all duties that may be required of him by virtue of his position as President/CEO and all duties set forth in law the DISTRICT Charter DISTRICT bylaws, and in policy statements of the Board of Commissioners as may be created or amended from time to time It is  understood that these duties shall be substantially the same as those of a chief executive officer of a business corporation.”

Compete with Broward Health “6.3 Except as provided herein with respect to existing Medical Director Agreements with the Broward Sheriff’s Office the City of Sunrise the City of Tamarac and the City of Fort Lauderdale Medical Director Agreements El Sanadi agrees to refrain from any other service or employment which would restrict his ability to devote his full time to employment as President/CEO to faithfully perform the duties and work of the Office of President/CEO and at all times to work in the interest and furtherance of the general business of the Charter of the DISTRICT. El Sanadi shall be permitted to perform services required under the Medical Director Agreements up to a maximum of sixteen 16 hours per calendar month for the term of this Agreement. Upon the expiration of each Medical Director Agreement, El Sanadi shall be permitted to renew the Medical Director Agreements subject to the consent of the Board Commissioners of the DISTRICT such consent shall not be unreasonably Withheld. In the event it becomes necessary to seek an informal opinion from the Florida Attorney General regarding the ability of El Sanadi to continue providing services pursuant to the Medical Director Agreements, the DISTRICTs General Counsel shall make such a request to confirm that the Medical Director Agreements do not create a conflict for El Sanadi as prohibited by Chapter 112 Part III Florida Statutes Florida’s Code of Ethics for Public Officials. If there is a conflict, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to secure a compliant alternative that provides for EL SANADI’S continued functioning in a medical director capacity during the term of the Agreement.  El Sanadi covenants and agrees to voluntarily contribute a portion of the income derived from the above referenced Medical Director Agreements annually to Broward Health with a specific destination to be the Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center, a direct support organization of Broward Health. Further on request, El Sanadi shall provide evidence of such contribution in writing.” 

(El Sanadi’s contributions to the Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center so far:  2/4/15 – $930.00.)

Clinical Services – “6.4 EL SANADI shall be authorized to provide clinical services to the DISTRICT up to four 4 hours per week subject to the consent of the Board of Commissioners of the DISTRICT reviewed during the annual evaluation period; such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld and shall be supportive of El Sanadi in the maintenance of his specialty Board certification.  Any and all income derived by El Sanadi for clinical work performed hereunder shall be paid voluntarily and directly to Broward Health with an ultimate destination of all funds to be provided to the Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center.” 

El Sanadi said “Nieland was a tough negotiator” when the Board approved the El Sanadi contract.

What? Was El Sanadi serious or simply deflecting?  You decide.

What is not generally known, the previous CEO created an initiative to create free Broward Health medical directorship services for all municipalities and governmental entities within the North Broward Hospital District boundary.   It is not surprising that this medical directorship initiative disappeared under El Sanadi.

Essentially, this contract “negotiated” by “Country” David Nieland makes a mockery of the independence and fiduciary responsibilities of the Broward Health CEO where almost anything in the health care sector in Broward is in tacit competition with the public interests of Broward Health.  That is unless you are part of the Governor’s Republican fundraising apparatus.

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