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Ding, dong. Broward Health’s Wicked Witch is Dead

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Beginning just before the September 26 Board meeting, things began to change at Broward Health precipitated by the completely unfounded and unprecedented, personal attack against Commissioner Klein by corporate counsel Lynn Barrett. Change, primarily because Chairperson Klein had the temerity to exercise his oversight responsibilities and question Corporate Counsel Barrett.  Barrett, never particularly willing to issue a legal opinion herself, used …

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Broward Health Board Begins to Come Together

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Wow, September 12th – another full day of meetings at Broward Health. My last article was over a month ago, and since that time there have been two all-day Broward Health Board and committee meeting(September 12th & 26th).  I recorded and posted to YouTube both days of meetings.  There were some remarkable moments in these recordings but even more remarkable …

Broward Legal

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No longer Broward Health, now it Barrett’s Broward Legal While working on some other Broward Health articles, I awoke to find the following “Broward Legal”  ‘contact’ message to me from a former Broward Health physician.  I found the message so striking, on point and exactly right that I had to immediately make it into a post.  While the contact was …

May 2018 Broward Health Marathon Board Meetings

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5/30/18 Broward Health Marathon Board Meetings A lot is going on at Broward Health.  Some of it is good.  Some of it, not so much.  Probably the biggest news for a public oversight perspective is the Governor’s latest appointment of Ray Berry.  While the Governor still needs to appoint two more commissioners to the Board, based on the performance of …