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Ding, dong. Broward Health’s Wicked Witch is Dead

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Beginning just before the September 26 Board meeting, things began to change at Broward Health precipitated by the completely unfounded and unprecedented, personal attack against Commissioner Klein by corporate counsel Lynn Barrett. Change, primarily because Chairperson Klein had the temerity to exercise his oversight responsibilities and question Corporate Counsel Barrett.  Barrett, never particularly willing to issue a legal opinion herself, used …

Broward Health Saw Massive Changes in 2016-2017: HHS Report

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I attended several committee meetings and the Broward Health Board meeting on November 29th.¬† At that meeting, the Board approved and certified with their signature a massive 836-page annual report required by the 70 million dollar settlement with the federal government. ¬†Tthe scope of this Second Annual Report is the period from August 31, 2016, through August 30, 2017. I …