African American Pastors Alliance call for the termination of Broward Health General Counsel Lynn Barrett

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October 29, 2018

Pompano Beach,Florida – In an effort to bring stability to the executive staff and stop the divisive and toxic working conditions at Broward Health created by the general counsel Lynn Barrett, the African American Pastors will be asking the Broward Health Board of Commissioners to vote to terminate the general counsel at the October 31st, 2018 regular Board meeting.

Press Conference – October 31st, 9:30am

The African American Pastors will hold a press conference at 9:30 am immediately prior to the scheduled Wednesday October 31st scheduled 10:00am Broward Health Board Meeting outside of the Board meeting room at 1700 NW 49th Street – Suite 150, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In addition to their call to terminate Broward health Corporate Counsel Lynn Barrett, the African American Pastors Alliance demand that the Governor appoint an African American to the last and final seat on the Broward Health Board of Commissioners.

According to Pastor Jackson “Currently there are no minorities, particularly African Americans on the hospital district’s board of commissioners. The Broward Health hospital district board does not reflect the population that it serves and should!”


The North Broward Hospital District is a public tax-payer created and supported hospital system which is the fifth largest hospital system in the nation.  It is governed by seven commissioners appointed by the governor.  The district, known as Broward Health, serves all of Broward north of I-595 with over 30 healthcare facilities, four hospitals, and two trauma centers.  Broward Health employs close to 10,000 employees, 1,800 physicians and has an annual budget of more than two billion dollars.

The African American Pastors Alliance is comprised of congregations throughout Broward and represents tens of thousands of families in Broward’s minority community that is served by and relies on Broward Health.



  1. So what financial benefit was the Black Pastors offered?

    Just like when Capasso decided to “stay on” at Broward Health she had a few Black Ministers speak, and Broward Health hired them as liaisons.

    More Pigs around the trough. Broward Health has enough money to hire REAL executives and get rid of Barrett, Capasso, Gino, and Allen.

  2. Would these be some of the same African American Pastors that were hired by Bev Capasso to be “liaisons” for Broward Health at the same time she made her bid to be the permanent CEO?

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