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No longer Broward Health, now it Barrett’s Broward Legal

While working on some other Broward Health articles, I awoke to find the following “Broward Legal”  ‘contact’ message to me from a former Broward Health physician.  I found the message so striking, on point and exactly right that I had to immediately make it into a post.  While the contact was not anonymous, which in itself is remarkable – it did self-verify his remarks.

Here is the message:

I recently left the district as an employed physician after 18 years. There has been a large exodus of employed physicians over the past several years from the district and I assume this can be verified by public records.

The employment contracts have become unreasonable. We all understand that the organization is under strict Federal overview due to past wrongdoings and we understand and agree that those guidelines are in place to ensure that compensation agreements adhere to market realities. However, most employees feel that the lead attorney is purposely misinterpreting those guidelines in order to force individuals out as a means of consolidating her power. When compensation is capped below fair market value even on a productivity model and physicians are treated as adversaries, instead of the partners and supporters they’ve always been, you witness the current rush toward the exits. Don’t take my word for what’s happening. Contact any of the former hospital Chiefs of Staff or former board members.

In addition, I’ve spoken to many of my colleagues in private practice who have complained that they stopped working with the district because they were not being paid for indigent care after actually having provided the care. And recently this “healthcare” organization is even alienating its Radiologists, Emergency Department physicians, and pathologists! I find it interesting that a medical institution is purposefully alienating the very people who are actually taking care of patients yet have no hesitation paying enormous and outlandish legal fees to both in-house and outside attorneys. So it appears that the oversight and restrictions that apply to physicians don’t apply to attorneys. Obviously, the mission of Broward Health is no longer healthcare so maybe this organization should rebrand itself as “Broward Legal.”

I think the taxpayers of this county should be made aware that their tax dollars are being diverted from the providers actually taking care of individuals in this community to the innumerable attorneys beholden to the lead counsel currently running the entire organization.

I could not have said it better!

The Board’s total lack of oversight into Lynn Barrett’s activities is an abomination.  Broward Health’s discretionary assertion that their “fair market”, so-called “independent” evaluations is a “trade secret” and therefore secret from the public it serves is an insult to the significant damage caused by Broward Health’s Board failure to do its job, in particular – its legal committee.  Without the public disclosure of these fair market studies, how can the public determine if Broward Health’s physicians are being treated fairly or not?  How can the public protect itself from the past misdeeds that resulted in the $ 70 million dollars fine?  It’s our money.  It’s our health care system.  It’s our right!

Much more on this soon.


  1. The physician is right on-point.
    However, let’s not forget that Bev Capasso is the President/CEO because LYNN wanted her there and it is BEV not advocating for physician coverage.
    Don’t be fooled that they are not on the same page. Bev is beholden to Lynn. They both must go as well as Ure due to his indictment and Klien for his personal relationship with Capasso and negotiate her contract as a friend and not as a board member.
    Recently the VP and Sr. VP of HR (God knows why we needed two) have been fired as scapegoats for Bev circumventing the contracting process to justify her 1 million dollar salary.
    Meanwhile, the ancillary staff has a pay raise in their check only to be taken back because of leadership incompetence.
    GME programs are in peril, BHMC is not compliant with state standards for their Trauma Center and COO of Broward would do anything to get power, she is Lynn Junior.
    Meanwhile, you praise Broward Health as going in a positive direction but it is the worst it has ever been.

  2. Judge Christopher Pole who was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott has been assigned the sunshine law violation case. This all but seals the deal for The Board and Lynn Barrett to get away with framing Pauline.

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