Broward Health Marathon 12 Hour Meeting – Many New Revelations.

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July 26, 2018 – At Broward Health- 
12 Hours of meeting videos.

Can't Find 'Any' Key to ContinueThe twelve hour day of non-stop Broward Health Board meetings began with a 9:00 am Finance Committee meeting and ended after 8:30 pm with the Jun/July 2018 combined “Regular” Board Meeting.  In between, there was an explosive special workshop on CEO Beverly Capasso’s 50% incentive program (for her $1.3 million dollar compensation package).  A special presentation of a recommended “balanced scorecard” which would be used to trigger bonus compensation to some 300 tier 1 & 2 management Broward Health employees followed the CEO bonus workshop. Finally, the day entered the big Jun/July 2018 charter mandated Board Meeting.  

There were many, many important new revelations throughout the meeting, whose candor and discussion was admittedly refreshing.  So much so, that I have over five pages of cryptic handwritten notes that I will be writing about over the next day or so.  In the meantime, the following are my meeting videos and the agenda materials I was given.  It should be noted, some documents referenced by one or more of the commissioners during one or more of the meetings has not been provided and part of my notes are for a future public records request.

As a general note, although there were many disturbing issues that were disclosed and discussed – this board (the majority) and the executive staff continues to appear to be competent, candid and forthcoming (except for General Council Lynn Barrett who continues to be a significant obstacle to real progress at Broward Health).  It is a welcome change and about time.  More about that in my coming articles tomorrow.

Finance Committee Meeting

Note the detailed discussion between Commissioner Berry and Finance Director Alan Goldsmith.  Although there was some disagreement, it was detailed and professional suggesting legitimate confidence in the Board understanding its oversight responsibility with a more granular appreciation for the financial challenges at Broward Health.

Finance Committee Agenda and Board Materials

7/26/18 Finance Committee Agenda Packet

Special Board Meeting:  CEO Beverly Capasso Bonus

See Ms. Capasso’s attorney misrepresent some comparative salary levels and quote a Miami Herald article pointing out that the other CEO’s are men and Ms. Capasso is a woman.  See Commissioner Berry’s reaction.

Here is the Herald Article provided to the Board

Public Comment – Referenced Mimi Herald Article on CEO Pay

The discussion was lively and long – so the video is in two parts:

CEO Metrics Workshop – Part 1

CEO Metrics Workshop – Part 2

Balanced Scorecard for Management Incentive Compensation Plan Special Board Meeting

Because of the length of the CEO Bonus Compensation workshop, the special meeting for management Tier 1 & 2 (about 300 employees) we shortened to a presentation and a referral back to the HR committee.

Balanced Scorecard Agenda and meeting materials

July 26, 2018, Broward Health Special Board Meeting Agenda on Balanced Scorecard

Jun/July Broward Health Board Meeting

This is the meeting to watch, especially part 2.

Jun/July 2018 Broward Health Meeting – Part 1

Jun/July 2018 Broward Health Meeting – Part 2

Jun/July 2018 Broward Health Meeting Agenda & Meeting Materials

Jun/July 2018 Combined Broward Health Regular Meeting Packet Excerpts

Additional Documents related to the Jun/July Broward Health Meeting

Broward Health HR manual for Board “Direct Reports” employees

HR Evaluation Packet for Direct Board Reports

July 24, 2018, Independent Review Organization’s (IRO) Report

7/24/18 Independent Review Organization Report (IRO)


  1. Dan, how can you be praising The Board when clearly they are divided in two camps. Klein who negotiated Capasso’s fat contract and the others who claim they are concerned about the IRO report.
    The question is, does Barrett control the IRO and sic them on whomever she disagrees with like she did with Pauline and now Capasso et al.? Or, did Capasso and her inexperienced Executives break the rules to try to justify a fat salary for their boss?

    1. Author

      My tepid praise comes from two vantage points really; first, the Board is actually raising and discussing the issues with an attitude of oversight and second, it’s in public. I consider this significant progress.

      As to your specific thoughts – they are well taken, and I agree. I am writing a number of analysis pieces about the meetings that I will post this week, hopefully, today and tomorrow – and look forward to your comments on them as well.

      Please note that I posted this article more to get the video’s and documents online then do a thoughtful review.

      Thanks for your comment!

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