May 2018 Broward Health Marathon Board Meetings

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5/30/18 Broward Health Marathon Board Meetings

A lot is going on at Broward Health.  Some of it is good.  Some of it, not so much. 

Probably the biggest news for a public oversight perspective is the Governor’s latest appointment of Ray Berry.  While the Governor still needs to appoint two more commissioners to the Board, based on the performance of Commissioner Berry in his first public meetings at Broward Health – the Governor appears to have made a good choice this time. Check out the HR committee & Board meeting videos, and you be the judge.

The meetings began at 11:00 am and didn’t finish until after 8:00 pm,  a long day!  Unfortunately, my camera video storage of over 126 gigs ran out at the tail end of the HR committee video, so there is a video gap until the beginning of the discussion agenda of the Regular Board Meeting.

The good news is that according to Mr. Alan Goldsmith, Broward Health’s CFO, a contract has been awarded to live stream all Broward Health’s Sunshine meetings beginning in about six weeks.  Also, according to Mr. Goldsmith,  Broward Health will maintain a publically available library of its meeting videos and associated agendas with backup materials. I believe him and am hopeful this project keeps on schedule.  I will, however, ask the Board to pass a policy mandating Mr. Goldsmith’s solution once the bugs are ironed out.

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Following are the 5/30/18 Broward Health Marathon Board Meetings (Be sure to scroll down to the last two videos – HR & Board Meeting):

5/30/18 Quality Assurance Committee

5/30/18 Broward Health Quality Assurance Committee Packet Excerpts

5/30/18 Legal Committee

5/30/18 Broward Health Legal Committee Packet Excerpts

5/30/18 Compliance Committee

5/30/18 Broward Health Compliance Committee Packet Excerpts

5/30/18 Finance Committee

5/30/18 Broward Health Finance Committee Packet Excerpts

5/30/18 HR Committee Meeting

5/30/18 Broward Health HR Committee Meeting Packet Excerpts

5/30/18 Regular Board Meeting (Partial)

5/30/18 Broward Health Board Meeting Packet Excerpts

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