Where did Chip LaMarca get $451,764?!? – Hello FLA

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Broward County Commissioner Chip Lamarca had really good 2015, but the important question is: will he have a really, really bad 2016?

Source: Where did Chip LaMarca get $451,764?!? – Hello FLA


  1. Problem with BH goes beyond pay with Chip. There are several issues including wrongful termination, Applicant and employee discrimination and sexism. I’ve always wondered why the same individuals that basically did nothing to better JMH were ultimately hired at higher positions within BH at higher pay. BH needs to be completely restructured. Upper management needs to stop turning blind to emails or messages sent to them by terminated employees. Yes, you will have employee sending messages just to express frustration, but you will also have others that can provide important information that could ultimately save the organization public embarrassment and let them address the issues first hand. Message to upper management, stop acting like unapproachable rock stars. Roll up your sleeves, reach out to the most recently terminated employee, start with HR and get to the bottom of what happened and what information they might be able to share with you. Just a thought of a former employee who knows this wont go anywhere because when you’re making as much money as they are, why would you care?

    1. As a former employee – two questions: 1. were you given a severance package with an agreement not to talk? 2. Were you given an opportunity to have an exit interview (if so – by whom?) – If ‘yes’ to #2, please use the confidential contact form which will protect your anonymity…


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